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Though the restrictions of the current bankruptcy laws are great, our firm applies an active participation to each bankruptcy proceeding in an attempt to ensure our client’s greatest recovery. Our services include appearance at the first meeting of creditors, obtaining reaffirmation agreements, filing non-discharge ability actions, recovery of secured collateral, filing Proofs of Claim and Objections to Confirmation. The staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to handling each file expeditiously, focusing on the stringent schedule required by the Bankruptcy Code.

As part of the evolution of bankruptcy law since the Reform Act of 1978, Shermeta Law Group has evolved from a law firm dedicated to the local handling of consumer bankruptcy matters into a complex management entity dedicated to the management of bankruptcy portfolios for various clients who maintain national credit portfolios. Throughout this evolution our firm continues to handle bankruptcy matters throughout the state of Michigan. The local handling of bankruptcy matters by the firm for over twenty five years, coupled with the national exposure enjoyed by various members of the firm, enhances our ability to recognize and understand the problems that national financial institutions face and enables us to provide local solutions in bankruptcy matters for these national institutions.


Practicing collection law for over forty years has given the firm extensive legal and collection expertise. Advanced technology has enhanced the process and made the firm one of the leading collection law firms in the country. While the firm services a wide range of portfolios (both large and small), the firm specializes in servicing clients seeking the capability of managing a high volume of accounts while keeping in mind the need to handle each account accurately and efficiently. To that end, we continue to invest in management training and in computer technology to ensure that our systems are capable of providing excellent legal and collection services to all of our clients. The firm’s clients include many of the country’s largest lenders. We have received many awards from these clients for successfully and expeditiously collecting the consumer debts assigned to the firm.

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